Garage Insulation in Greater Metroplex Area

Watch how to make the floors above your garage warmer!

Home insulation is great for Texas garages.

Living space above calls for insulation below. Builders often neglect to install insulation in a garage ceiling below living space. We can correct this problem by installing dense-pack cellulose insulation between garage ceiling joists.

Protect your living space from temperature extremes with an important insulation upgrade

Why make a fuss about energy-saving improvements in the garage? After all, this is just a place to park cars and store stuff like tools, bicycles, sports gear and trash cans.

If your house has a detached garage, then there is truly no worry about garage insulation and it's effect on the comfort and energy efficiency of the house. But most houses have attached garages, and if there's a structural connection between these spaces, there's also a thermal connection.

If you have an attached garage, keep reading. Most attached garages (including basement garages) have little or no insulation to protect the home from extreme temperatures. Dalworth Dr. Energy Saver can inspect your garage, detect insulation problems, and correct them with solutions that are affordable and effective.

Looking to improve the comfort in an above-garage living space? Contact us today if you just want to know how to improve your garage insulation in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano, Grand Prairie, Bedford, Euless, North Richland Hills, Grapevine, and other nearby towns and cities.

Is garage insulation a smart choice for improving your home's comfort and energy efficiency?

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Where to Install Garage Insulation?

Garage Insulation being installed for increased energy efficiency by out expert contractors

Craftsmanship counts. Insulation provides maximum R-value only when it’s installed correctly. The trained technicians at Dr. Energy Saver will make sure your garage is insulated to the highest standards.

Insulating the garage ceiling. It's essential to insulate the garage ceiling if there is living space above the garage.

Without insulation in the garage ceiling, the living space above the garage will be uncomfortably cold in winter and distressingly hot in summer. You'll be wasting energy nearly all year round.

Along with any garage insulation upgrade, Dr. Energy Saver will also air-seal the garage to eliminate energy-wasting leaks and prevent harmful auto emissions from entering the above living space.

Insulating garage walls. When the garage is attached to the house, the wall that separates the garage from the living space should be air-sealed, insulated and finished with fire-rated drywall.

Installing new garage doors. There are two types of doors in garages: those for people and those for cars. A people-type garage door should be insulated and weatherstripped for energy efficiency, and rated for fire protection specified in local building codes.

What about a workshop?
Many people like to use the garage for carpentry, woodworking or automotive projects.

If you have a garage workshop, it pays to insulate the garage so that you can work comfortably regardless of weather conditions outside.

When it comes to the larger garage doors used for cars, many homeowners choose insulated versions as well, either when a house is built or when replacing old garage doors.

Insulated garage doors have cores that are filled with foam insulation, and metal "skins" that are often textured and detailed to look like old-fashioned frame-and-panel doors made from a solid wood design.

Although insulated garage doors are more expensive than uninsulated "economy" versions, they're often well worth the extra investment. In addition to improving energy efficiency, the door's insulated core helps to prevent the metal surface from being dented and bent out of shape. Home insulation is very important to a home's overall comfort and efficiency.

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